The refreshing Screencloud digital signage alternative packed with features

If you're looking for an alternative to Screencloud, here's a few key features that makes us stand out from them.

Looking for an alternative to Screencloud? Want more than just static app displays? Try our platform, where dynamic layouts meet interactive apps for an unparalleled digital signage experience. Plus, take advantage of advanced role-based access for full control.

Lumicast vs ScreencloudLumicastScreencloud

Design content within the platform

Advanced editor where you can embed app, playlists and more

Basic editor with just shapes and media

Permissions and roles

Full control over who can access what, down to the type of resource and down to the user

⚠️ Only control which groups can view, edit or manage all resources

Content sharing

Invite others to use your content

🙌 Share resources with any other organisation or workspace, and manage shared content in shared folders

Share individual resources within your organisation

Flexible pricing model

Usage based billing: pay-per-minute

Pay for a month or year in advance

Trial period

30 days

14 days

Device / OS support

Tizen, WebOS, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac, Linux and more

Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Station P1 Pro, Mac, Windows, Brightsign and more

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