Sharing content within your organisation has never been easier

Easily share your Lumicast content with workspaces inside your organisation, and even share content with other organisations.

Organize your content

Organize your content in shared folders. You can create as many shared folders as you want.

Be in control

Control who has access to a shared folder, and who can add/remove content from it.

Use shared content

When you share content with another workspace, they can use it in their playlists, pages and directly on their displays.

shared folders in Lumicast

Familiar folder structure

You can create shared folders just like you can in Google Drive. You can then share these folders with workspaces inside your organisation, or even with other organisations.

manage folder access

Manage your shared folder

Enter a shared folder to manage its content and settings.

add content to sharing

Add content to your shared folder

Add content to your shared folder directly from your Lumicast content library.

sharing settings lumicast

Decide who can use your shared folder

You can decide who can use your shared folder. You can give edit rights to other workspaces, or you can share it with other organisations.

use shared content

Use shared items

You can use items that are shared with you in your playlists, pages and directly on your displays.

Real world usecases for sharing content in Lumicast

Connect your departments

Your content team can have their own workspace, and share their content with other departments (workspaces) in your company.

Content provider for other companies

If you create display content for multiple organisations, you can share your shared folder with their Lumicast organisation.

Work together

Add other workspaces to your shared folder and give them edit rights. This way you can all add content to the same folder and build your content library together.