How easy it is to get started with information display software

Last updated on 12/4/2023

Information displays

Information display software elevates your digital screens by centralising content management, scheduling, and real-time updates. Easily integrate apps, customise layouts with a page editor, and automate playlists for seamless, dynamic presentations.

Core Features

Information display software offers a range of features designed to centralise and simplify the management of digital signage. This often includes app integrations, customisable layouts, and scheduling capabilities.

Integrated Apps for Enhanced Display

 Create weather app in Lumicast

Example of creating a weather app within Lumicast

The integration of various apps can significantly enrich the content displayed. From social media feeds to live weather updates, integrated apps offer a dynamic way to engage viewers and provide real-time information.

The Power of a Custom Page Editor

With a custom page editor, you can create compelling layouts on the fly. This is an essential part of any information display software, because it allows you to quickly put together a message that you need to get out in your organisation.

Scheduling and Playlists: Your Content, Your Way

Scheduling and playlists give users the ability to queue different types of content and set it to display at specific times. This automation can free users from having to manually update displays and allows for better planning and sequencing of content.

Flexibility with Real-Time Scheduling

Any advanced information display software offers real-time scheduling features. This allows for quick updates or changes to the display content, making it adaptable to real-time events or urgent announcements.

Hardware Compatibility: More Than Just Screens

Compatibility with various hardware options, like Samsung Tizen and other display technologies, extends the flexibility and applicability of the software. This ensures that users are not limited by their existing hardware when deploying digital displays.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Information Display

Information display software offers a comprehensive approach to managing and displaying content. With a variety of features, broad hardware compatibility, and robust security measures, it serves as an all-in-one solution for effective digital signage.