Easiest way to show Zermelo schedule changes on displays in school

Last updated on 12/4/2023

zermelo app in Lumicast

From January 1, 2024, mobile phones will be banned in secondary education, increasing the importance of alternative channels for information dissemination. Using narrowcasting software from Lumicast, you can keep students and teachers informed about schedule changes and the latest news even without mobile phones.

Schedule Changes on Screens

One of the major challenges arising from the mobile phone ban in schools is communicating schedule changes. These changes are a daily occurrence and can happen during the school day. Previously, students checked these on their mobiles, but this will soon be a thing of the past. Schools will need to offer an alternative solution.

Digital screens combined with narrowcasting software like Lumicast are perfect for this. You can easily link data within the software, so schedule makers don't need to perform separate actions to display schedule changes on screens.

Zermelo Screen Linking

Lumicast supports a connection with Zermelo schedules. This allows Zermelo schedule changes to be automatically pulled into Lumicast and displayed on your screens. It can look like this:

zermelo app in Lumicast

Creating a Zermelo app in Lumicast

You can create the above-mentioned app within Lumicast for free by following these steps or following this setup:

  1. Log in or register at Lumicast.
  2. Go to "My Content" or "Apps".
  3. Search in the app store for "Zermelo Schedule Changes".
  4. Create the Zermelo app.
  5. Enter the requested information. To get an access token from Zermelo, follow these instructions from Zermelo.
  6. You will now see the schedule changes appear on your screen.

Schedule Changes Within a Playlist

Besides schedule changes, you can also display other information on your screens. One option is to create a playlist that includes schedule changes, news, and perhaps the weather forecast. This way, a screen can serve multiple purposes and remain interesting to view.

Other Lumicast Apps that Work Well with Zermelo Schedule Changes

  • NU.nl news
  • NS travel information
  • Countdown: count down to an important moment