Remote control & insights

Operate your digital signage from wherever you are with ease

Easily adjust content, manage your displays and get insights from anywhere and on any device.

Management, simplified.

Choose what's playing

From your screen overview you can see and adjust what's playing on your displays. Choose from any type of Lumicast content, like a playlist, media, page, app and more. You can even adjust the content for multiple displays at once.

Reboot & refresh

Refresh your displays to make sure they are up to date. Rebooting is also supported on displays that run the native Lumicast Player, Samsung Tizen or LG WebOS.

Organize your displays

Using display groups, you can organize your displays in any way you want. You can create groups for locations, departments, or anything else you can think of.

Insights that keep you in control.

Always have full insight in when displays were on, and what is currently going on.

lumicast uptime chart

Monitor uptime

Keep a close check on the uptime of your displays. See exactly when your displays are online and when they are offline.

analyze display logs

Analyze logs

For an advanced analysis of your displays, you can view the logs. See exactly what happens on your displays.

display details

Extensive details

Check details and specifications of your displays. See exactly what type of screen you have, what software it is running and when it was last seen by Lumicast.